How to Play Live Casino Holdem

Playing against a live dealer makes Casino Hold’em one of the most popular poker games worldwide. JohnSlots has produced a useful guide for anyone who are unfamiliar with this game but would want to give it a go.

With the help of two hole cards and five community cards from a regular 52-card deck, players attempt to make the greatest five-card poker hand. Learning the game’s rules is simple and quick. You should know the basic five-card poker hand rankings, as shown below, before playing.

How to play live casino holdem

You begin by putting your chips in the ‘ante’ portion. Just as in online poker, this must be paid before the cards are played. The dealer and you each get two cards after your ante is paid. It is impossible to view the dealer’s cards since they are dealt face down. The table is then given three more communal cards.

With a side bet, you may win or lose immediately. A pair of aces or better is required to win.

A rapid decision is required after placing a side bet. You may either fold your hand and forfeit your ante, or you can keep playing by placing a call bet on the table. A call bet is just double your ante. The table gets two more cards if you opt to call.

Create your greatest five-card poker hand now. This is determined for you if you are playing in a live casino. Your hand is compared to the dealer’s right away. You lose your ante and call bet if the dealer has a superior hand.

Live casino hold’em basic approach

It’s important to make the appropriate choice when the first round of cards is dealt, whether to keep playing or fold the game. Several factors should be taken into account before moving further. Consider first your hand’s strength and how it could improve when the other cards are dealt.

Not only must you remember that you are fighting against the dealer and not other players.

Consider these suggestions before playing Live Casino Hold’em:

  • Always call with two or more
  • If you have a King and an Ace, call.
  • So long as all of the community cards are the same suit as yours, you can call with a Queen or Jack.
  • Call if you hold a flush or straight draw.
  • Do not fold until you have a flush or straight draw or a card that matches the board.
  • Fold unpaired low cards that don’t match the community cards or assist you make a flush or straight draw.

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