PGA Tour Wagers

The PGA Tour represents the largest golf betting events worldwide and is therefore one of the most popular markets in both the United States and internationally.



We have compiled a comprehensive guide to betting on the PGA Tour, which includes a list of the top sportsbooks covering the PGA market, exclusive welcome bonuses for those sportsbooks when you sign up, expert betting tips for all the top Tour events, and a breakdown of what to consider when betting on the PGA.

A wager on the PGA Tour


The PGA Tour is one of the most bet-upon professional leagues in the world.


Despite a brief decline a few years ago, golf betting is on the rise everywhere, propelled by a PGA Tour roster filled with new stars, the comeback of Tiger Woods, and so many events that bets can be placed nearly daily.


It’s easy to see why the PGA Tour has been one of the world’s most popular betting markets for so long, given its roster of world-class golfers, its year-round schedule, and its history, which dates back to 1929.


But probably no other sport contains as many variables.


Rain, wind, course routing — how most holes dogleg to favor right-handers or left-handers — and course characteristics like as an abundance of rough are a few of the variables that might influence the outcome.


Because of the mental nature of golf, hot streaks and cool streaks are actual occurrences. Having an understanding of your options can help remove some of the uncertainty.

5 Considerations When Betting on PGA Golf


  1. Climate

Nothing has a greater impact on the outcome of a tournament.


At events located on the U.S. West Coast during the PGA’s early spring swing (when it can be rainy and stormy), and at British majors such as the Open Championship, where wind can howl in from offshore, the weather can play a significant impact.


Recent Heritage

How has a player performed in his recent matches? The mental game is crucial, and it is evident on the course when confidence soars.


It is very uncommon for victories to occur in clusters; Johnson, for example, won three times in five spring races.


Yet, slumps are genuine; if a player has missed multiple cutoffs, be wary.


  1. Injuries

Wrists, shoulders, and backs are susceptible to abuse, and PGA golfers are such well tuned machines that even minor ailments can hinder performance.

Consider Woods and all the conflicts he has fought on his back.

Be cautious if a player spends a great deal of time in the physio trailer.


  1. Tournament Background

Numerous PGA tournaments are held on the same courses year after year, and some golfers become accustomed to playing well on certain courses.

Discover under-the-radar choices by searching for golfers who have finished in the top 10 on the same course hosting this week’s tournament.


  1. Latest Alterations

Golf is a business, and this is occasionally apparent. Athletes frequently alter their caddies, swing instructors, agents, club manufacturers, and ball type.


Adaptations may require time. If a long-time Taylor Made player comes up carrying Callaways, maybe give them a couple weeks.

Greatest Golf Betting Sign Up Offers

Where to Bet on PGA Golf


When wagering on PGA Tour golf online, seek for books that prioritize the sport and provide possibilities. Is golf listed higher in the drop-down menu on the website? That’s a positive sign.


So is putting odds on PGA and European tour stops. Futures for important tournaments such as the Masters and U.S. Open are also volatile.


You should also be able to wager not only on tournament winners, but also head-to-head, against the field, on special events such as skins games, and even even on prop bets as as whether a player will achieve a hole-in-one.


Because that odds can differ from site to site, you should always compare prices. We recommend beginning with the major bookmakers listed above.

Top Golf Betting Sites

Top PGA Betting Markets


To Win: Wagering on a player to win a tournament or to hold the lead after a round.

A contest between a leader or favorite and the rest of the field.

Head-to-Head: Very popular in-play wagering option in which odds are set between two players based on who finishes higher in a given round.

Futures: Betting on the winner of a future tournament or the season’s title.

Top 3, Top 5, Top 10: A wager on a player to place in the top three, top five, or top ten of a tournament.

Make/Miss Cut: A wager on whether a player will make or miss the cut.

Two-Ball or Three-Ball: A wager on a player to finish a given round with the lowest score in his twosome or threesome.

Top Live Golf Betting Websites

Betting on PGA Odds


Bets on a player to win a tournament are the most basic sort of PGA wager. The odds are displayed in a plus/minus style, with a plus number offering greater payouts than a minus number.


A $100 wager on Jordan Spieth at odds of 2/1 would return $200 if Spieth wins. If the odds for Justin Thomas are 7/4, a bettor must wager $120 to win $100 if Thomas wins.


Futures betting on tournaments is also possible; for example, odds on the April Masters were readily available in December.


Futures can be in plus/minus format or a ratio, such as Dustin Johnson 15 to 1, which multiplies every dollar invested by 15 if he wins.


In addition, golf provides wagers on a player’s position after a round, his group’s lowest score, and other outcomes. They will be explained later.

Top PGA Events for Wagers


As with the other majors, the Masters is not run by the PGA Tour, but the prize money still counts. Annually played in Augusta (Ga.) National, it is the most prestigious golf tournament in the world. A reduced field assists in narrowing betting alternatives.

The U.S. Open is traditionally played on extremely challenging courses with narrow fairways and dense rough. The vast field and abundance of sectional qualifiers can make betting difficult.

Similar to the U.S. Open in terms of difficulty, regular tour players and club pros compete in the PGA Championship.

The most prominent non-major tournament on the PGA Tour, the Players Championship is played on a TPC Sawgrass course with the notorious island green on the 17th hole.

FedEx Cup: The PGA Tour’s playoff consists of three events with progressive cuts, with 30 players progressing to the Tour Championship at the conclusion.

The Ryder Cup is a biennial team competition staged in odd-numbered years between U.S. and European teams. The event is filled with emotion, and the host team typically prevails.

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